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A Letter from the Chair

Honorable Delegates,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the second annual Winchester Model United Nations Conference!

World War I is drawing to a close. The United States has declared war on Germany while socialist unrest combats a crumbling Russian Empire. But in the wake of all this chaos, a new battle frontier is being established way up in the North. Finland, a country with a quickly industrializing economy and rampant population growth now finds itself in a power vacuum, struggling with the transition process from an autonomous member of the Russian empire to an independent democratic state. Tensions between social classes and parties continue to rise, made only worse by foreign interests yearning to control the nation’s precious resources and ports. Civil war seems inevitable but who will strike first? And who will come out on top?

This year we will be reliving the Finnish Civil War between the Reds -- the Socialist Democratic Party backed by the rising Soviet Union -- and the Whites -- the conservative senate backed by the losing German Empire. After last year’s dramatic coup of the Mohammad Mossadegh regime, we are so excited for WINMUN II’s Joint Crisis Committee.

JCC is the best committee for experienced delegates who want to be challenged in a fast paced and constantly changing environment. With small numbers of delegates in each room, both sides are working against each other to win the war… each person with a disguised personal goal. Constant surprises keep delegates on their toes, teaching even the most experienced to hone their skills in changing debate, compromise, and of course manipulation.

Background guides, along with public dossiers, are published below.


Garen Armen Meguerditchian and Joanna Zhou