For all committees, it is necessary to submit a position paper on all topics, especially if you want to be considered for an award. A position paper is a summary of your country or character’s position on the topic(s).

At WinMUN, we ask that you submit position papers according to the following 3-paragraph format. Position papers should be one page per topic (double or single spaced with standard margins) and include a header with committee, country, topic (A or B, if applicable) and school.

Paragraph Format

Paragraph one should be a general background of the topic being discussed. It should go beyond the scope of the background guide, yet should be brief. Sift through your information to find the most essential nuggets of information and put those in this paragraph. This paragraph should be short; 3-4 sentences should suffice.

Paragraph two should be an analysis about how the topic applies to your country/character. You should explain your country/character’s history with the topic and their current opinion of the issue. This paragraph should be about double the length of the first one.

The last paragraph of your position paper should explain the solutions that your country/character wants to be implemented to solve the topic of debate. These solutions should be specific, and must adhere to country/character policy. This paragraph should be about the same length as the previous one. Be sure to answer the background guide’s ‘questions to consider’ (if applicable) in this paragraph.


Position papers are a sneak peek for the chair into the research you have done and what your delegation will be supporting in committee. Your committee’s background guide is the best place to begin your research, and you may want to try to answer some of the Questions to Consider that your chair has provided. Remember to use credible sources for outside research, such as reliable news outlets, UN documents, and NGO websites. Check out the CIA World Factbook and BBC Country Profiles to begin understanding the country you will be representing for the weekend. Often the best sources of information are books written about your topic, so check those out. Wikipedia is a great place to start your research and using the sources it provides is super helpful. Make sure to cite your sources and show your research in your writing!

Finally, do not stress over writing a position paper, even if you have never written one before!

Simply use your research that you would be doing to prepare anyway.

A sample position paper can be found here.

Email WinMUNconference@gmail.com if you have any questions about position papers. We will not read any position papers until their final submission on the date of the conference.