A Letter from the Chair

Hello delegates and welcome to the WinMUN’s Economic and Financial Committee!

I am Tommy Bellaire, and I am the chair of WinMUN II’s ECOFIN. I am a senior at Winchester High School and am a member of the Executive Board of Winchester’s travel MUN team.

In terms of my experience and history with MUN, I joined Winchester’s team my freshman year and have never looked back. I have attended 7 conferences and was vice chair of WinMUN’s IAEA last year. Outside of MUN, I write for The Red and Black, Winchester’s student-run school newspaper, hike, canoe, and listen to music.

But enough about me. It is my goal that ECOFIN provides delegates with the most invigorating, exciting, realistic and fun MUN experience possible. It is in this spirit that I inform you that ECOFIN is a committee designed to welcome delegates of all skill levels -- testing the leadership skills of experienced delegates while introducing newer delegates to the intricacies of Model United Nations. All delegates will engage in active and substantive debates and propose creative and feasible solutions — all while furthering your own country’s agenda. The two topics of ECOFIN this year are cryptocurrency and currency manipulation — two pressing topics that need to be addressed, as their volatility is concerning to many nations, big and small.

I am excited to see what innovative ideas you have about the topics and to get to know you all over the course of the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any questions at winmunconference@gmail.com.

Good luck researching and get excited!!!

Tommy Bellaire


Winchester Model United Nations Conference 2019